Access Providers Union General Assembly was held on 29.03.2022 in the conference hall of Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK).

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Information Technologies and Communications Authority President Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu, BTK executives, Access Providers Association (ESB) executives and members.

The opening speech of the general assembly was made by the Chairman of the ESB Board of Directors, Mr. Mehmet Cerikci made it. Stating that internet and mobile communication technologies are now at the center of our lives, Çerikçi said, “We do our legal and administrative transactions in our social and business life with information technologies, personal, corporate and social memory is now dependent on the virtual environment. From this point of view, information and communication technologies have become an indispensable part of human and social life, and we consider these developments as important milestones on the way to becoming an information society. However, it is a fact that the developments experienced together with it bring with it various threats. Likewise, the increase in digital and unclaimed information in addition to information security has made it difficult to reach the right information.” said. Referring to the problem of not being able to reach the correct information arising from information pollution, Çerikçi said, “Information pollution has negatively affected many countries, businessmen and their relations. Even in this process, we have encountered cases blaming 5G base stations for allegedly spreading the disease or blaming institutions that allegedly spread the virus in order to sell vaccines. By looking at all these examples, it is clear that not being able to access the right information in this process poses a social and health hazard for the society and the best solution to avoid such situations is to protect the public from misinformation. At this point, our union has fulfilled its duty without interruption during the working period in the pandemic process we are in, and each of our friends has successfully managed this process with their sense of duty and hard work. Thanks to the work done, access to the sources that cause information pollution on the internet has been stopped and the sources that provide us with the right information have gained more space.” used the phrases. At the end of his speech, Çerikçi wished that the general assembly would be beneficial and said, “I also hope that the fast that will start next week will bring peace to our souls, health to our bodies and add meaning to our tables.” He ended his speech with his words.

After Mr. Çerikçi, the President of Information Technologies and Communications Authority, Mr. Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu addressed the participants at the general assembly. In his speech, Karagözoğlu touched upon cyber security, Turkey’s digital transformation and his work with public institutions in this field. He also emphasized the importance of Turkey’s cyber defense. In addition, he stated that they work in coordination with the Access Providers Association in all areas in the digital sense. In his speech, Karagözoğlu lastly said, “As BTK, we follow the activities of the access providers sector closely, and we continue our regulations together with the ESB within this framework. I wish the meeting to be productive in this sense and achieve good results, and I would like to express my gratitude to the management and members of the union.”

Speaking at the general assembly after Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan emphasized the importance of Law No. 5651 and said, “Access providers; plays an important role in combating the violations of rights on the internet. At this point, we made important changes in Law No. 5651. Content that violates personal rights can now be removed, in addition to blocking access. With the regulation made, it is ensured that the name of the applicant is not associated with the content and links that constitute a violation of personal rights. It is of great importance to eliminate violations on social networks and to do this quickly. At this point, we have made important arrangements for social networks. 10 social network providers fulfilled their obligation to designate and notify representatives in Turkey. Many of the obligated social networks establish artificial interlocutor relationships through virtual legal entities. We do not accept figurative relationships with certain virtual offices. We need new regulations in the Law No. 5651 for the establishment of the real addressee relationship. Our work on these issues continues.” in his remarks. Before concluding his speech, Sayan wished the general assembly to be beneficial.

After the opening speeches, ESB chairman of the board, Mr. Mehmet Çerikçi put the members of the council to vote. As a result of the voting, Ahmet Savaş was elected as the chairman of the meeting council, and Halil Dinç and Volkan Erdem were elected as the council clerks. In line with the agenda, the annual report of the board of directors and the reports of the supervisory board were read. The General Assembly read and approved the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts for the year 2021, the Board of Directors was acquitted. After the presentation of the 2022 budget and its approval by the General Assembly, the meeting ended.