Our Quality Policy;

Within the framework of the duties and responsibilities which are given to the Association with respective laws and regulations, our policy is to provide an efficient service with an understanding of objectivity and reliability and continuously improve our service. Additionally,

  • Ensure the satisfaction of the interlocutors at the highest level by collaborating with the members,
  • Provide trust, equality, impartiality and confidentiality in service,
  • Use resources in the most efficient and economical way to reach our aims and objectives as soon as possible,
  • Continuously improve the services we offer our interlocutor,
  • Share the management with our members in the direction of participatory management approach,
  • See the concept of teamwork as one of the basic elements of our corporate culture,
  • Create a corporate culture that values its employees and keeping employee satisfaction by activating the working environment,
  • Carry out systematic and planned education, participation and development studies to reach the determined targets,
  • In order to meet the needs and expectations of interlocutors; complying with the requirements of the quality management system and continuously improving the quality management system,
  • Set targets in order to ensure the continuity of the appropriateness of the quality policy and conducting internal audits and oversight meetings,
  • Ensure announcing the quality policies which are revised and accepted to be eligible, to the staff, are our policy.

Quality Certificates: